Your Care is Our Only Concern

Our highly trained staff has made Huntington Woods’ reputation of excellence possible. From our Medical Directors, Registered Nurses, State Tested Nursing Assistants to our Mental Health Professionals and the best Physical, Occupational, Speech and Respiratory therapists in the business, we have designed our comprehensive model of care to deliver the expertise necessary for individuals to achieve the highest level of function.


Mallory Fitzsimmons, LNHA
“We are here for one reason, to see that our residents live comfortable, meaningful lives. For our rehabilitation residents, we work very hard to see that they have speedy recovery and go home. For our skilled nursing care residents, we do everything possible to keep their minds active and their bodies strong. For everyone who comes through our doors, we provide the right environment for healing, health and individualized care.”

Medical Director

Niculina Olariu, M.D.
“Every patient is different and each has special needs. Our interdisciplinary team, including myself, our nursing staff and therapists, ensures continuity and the highest quality of care. We work very hard to take the progress made in recovery and nurture it in every aspect of our residents’ daily lives.”

Director of Nursing

Katrina Pulice, RN
“Many can say it, but at Huntington Woods it’s true: Every resident is near and dear to our hearts. What makes us different is that each and every member of our staff cares deeply about our residents’ lives. No matter how difficult it may be, we do anything and everything to make each day special.”

Director of Rehabilitation

Felix Lin
“We understand the challenges of being removed from your everyday life due to illness or surgery. Going through the hospital experience and then on to rehabilitation is trying for even the strongest individuals. We are here to make life easier and help residents recover and restore their abilities to lead a meaningful life.”

Huntington Woods operates based on the acuity and needs of our patients, not the number of them and is one of a handful of facilities awarded a Deficiency Free Rating.